A new approach to 3D printing

Zatsit is above all the project of a man, Marc Peltier, retired architect. For more than two years, he worked on the creation of a Delta-type 3D printer, which he wanted to be simple, efficient, scalable and inexpensive. His starting point? A new material, Hylite ™, developed by 3A Composites. It consists of a layer of polypropylene sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum. Expertly cut and engraved, it allows to design rigid assemblies and hinges accurate and resistant to fatigue.

But the innovations do not stop there: each element has been designed with the obvious desire to combine efficiency, simplicity and elegance. The print head is the best example. Ultralight, it is cooled by water; but in such a basic way that one wonders at first sight if it is serious. Yet everything is in the details, from the use of a medical stainless steel tube (very thin walls and very precise dimensions), to the system of fixing the bowden tube on the head and the head on its support.

There are also other innovations such as a clever assembly that makes it easy to change the print head (or replace it with another type of tool), a magnetic system to fix the accessories, an extruder that plays the acrobats and a remote ventilation system.

Exceptional performance?

Judging by the videos published by Marc Peltier, the printer Zatsit makes good promises: 30/30 Kickstarter / Autodesk test, which assesses the quality of 3D printing on a model that combines the essential difficulties that these machines may encounter, and a speed of up to 560mm / s (under optimized conditions). Performance that suggests a speed / quality of printing more than satisfactory. Here is the list of best 3d printer under $500 which will help you in printing and best for beginners.

Who is Zatsit for?

Zatsit aims above all at makers who are not afraid to get their hands dirty . Indeed, the manufacturer only provides the mechanical part of his machine. Other components (control electronics, motors, tray, heater block with nozzle, etc.) must be purchased separately by the purchaser.

Zatsit still provides recommendations and a list of recommended components that can configure a high-performance printer for about 600 € (Zatsit kit included). But it is also quite possible to make other choices or recover some parts of an old printer (delta or Cartesian), to meet a specific need or reduce costs.

The least DIY users can be frightened by the efforts that will be required to obtain a functional machine. It is clearly not a plug & play model . But, remember, this is not the audience targeted by Zatsit.

A Kickstarter campaign to launch the product
To finance the first production, Marc Perlier chose the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The campaign ends on November 5 at 8pm, Paris time. It has already gathered 140 contributors by the time we publish these lines and the funding is 75% complete.

If you are interested in this innovative project, hurry to participate . Deliveries are scheduled for December 2018.