The Magic of Coaching: Self-discovery

I’ll start at the beginning, how could it be otherwise, for this I’ll tell you the following real story:

Once upon a time there was a simple girl, sensitive and, externally, sure of herself. She had done what was expected of her in her life : she studied a university career, she looked for a job, she found a few, she chose one, she got married, she had a child and she continued to live a normal and calm life.

But tranquility at times disappeared, sometimes totally, without apparent cause. He began to feel intense emotional distress, but could not determine its cause. He continued to live with this restlessness hoping that at some point he would disappear. But nothing further: the feeling was becoming unbearable. His nightly dreams revealed what he hid in the day behind a weak gesture of joy and satisfaction.

Although his dreams warned that something was happening, decided to go ahead without stopping to think too much. Then his body began to speak with severe stomach pains and a constant and considerable loss of weight. Life was shaking him, like a pressure pack; I was tapping him on the back to make him aware of his situation, to react.

Finally, when the situation became really unbearable, he stopped on the road and reacted.

She realized that her body was declaiming what she herself did not want to see. He was unhappy with his life. Your world was not being as expected. It seemed he had everything , but something important was missing: his existence lacked, to some extent, vital sense (but that she still did not know).

He recognized that he was not enjoying his life and that he did not feel full, nor really happy (although not totally unhappy). He knew that the opportunity had come not to deny the evidence and to understand the “why” of it all. Life was warning him of something, the challenge was to know what.

He began to listen to the subtle messages that his body was sending him and to see that he needed to make changes in his life.

What is my own body trying to tell me? He discovered that the origin of all this was a warning that his wise interior made so that he began to live life from joy, happiness, control, satisfaction and harmony.

It no longer served to do the same thing, it was no longer worth living a “normal” existence that lacked meaning for her. Life had “slapped” him to act and move tab and could not stay stopped after such a find.

The time was approaching to change, to grow and evolve, however, before all that, the right questions had to be asked.

What did he want to do with his life? What was happening? What did he really want? What did I need to change to live with greater satisfaction? Who wanted to be? Who was? 

The time for his own discovery had arrived.

Fortunately, she stumbled upon a Business Coach Melbourne Process that accompanied her to discover herself and to find the questions and some answers.

The Coaching created in her a state of consciousness that, since then, accompanies her. Coaching helped him find what, without knowing it then, he needed .

The Magic of Coaching: Self-discovery

These findings made a difference in his life. He returned to the illusion and the desire to live from a much more positive and hopeful perspective.

The magic of Coaching worked. The benefits were immediate:

  • He identified what bothered him.
  • He identified what was taking away energy.
  • He began to set limits.
  • He started saying “no” more frequently and asking for help more frequently.
  • He identified the thoughts that hurt or bothered him and learned to control them.
  • He began to better manage emotions: to recognize them, observe them and accept them.
  • He began to get rid of beliefs that limited his performance.
  • He realized what his fundamental values ​​were and began to live in harmony with them.
  • He identified what he did not like. He moved away from people, situations and habits that did not bring anything good to his life.
  • He learned to forgive by freeing himself of a great weight.
  • He began to identify his strengths and weaknesses, as well as his preferences and desires.
  • He rethought his life and took the reins as never before.
  • He identified what he did not want in his life.
  • He began to design his ideal life.
  • He experienced the power of gratitude.
  • He became aware of his creative capacity and began to consider challenges and objectives.
  • He began to trust her more.
  • He took risks and started doing tests.
  • He began to listen and to understand himself more and better.
  • A profound inner change began. He began to “see with other eyes”.
  • He found peace and balance.

She is currently happy and grateful after having discovered her vital purpose. Live your life with greater enthusiasm, joy and be carried away by your intuition. However, she knows that the journey into herself is not over yet …

Define and Explain Microeconomy in Detail

The microeconomics is a part of the economy that studies the economic behavior of agent’s individual economic, as consumers, businesses, workers and investors are; as well as the markets. Consider the decisions each one makes to meet certain objectives of their own.

The basic elements on which the microeconomic analysis focuses are goods, prices, markets and economic agents. The great majority of the models that are exposed in this article are based on the existence of an economic and social framework of decentralized economy, in which there is private property.

The microeconomics has several development branches of which the most important are: consumer theory, the demand, the producer, the general equilibrium and markets active financial. They cannot be considered entirely separate because the results of some aspects influence the others.

For example, companies not only offer goods and services, but also demand goods and services to produce their own. Microeconomics proposes mathematical models that develop assumptions about the behavior of agents economic, the conclusions reached using these models will only be valid, insofar as the assumptions are met, which is not always the case, especially if the cases are very strong or restrictive.

One of the most important additions to the study of microeconomics is the so-called game theory. Game theory is a mathematical theory that studies the behavior of various agents when the decisions made by each influence how much each one achieves the objectives they want. It is used, for example, in the theory of industrial production, to study the cases of oligopoly and imperfect competition.

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