E-commerce trends are on the rise and people are getting more involved in it due to its high potential. Today technology has developed more than before and almost businesses need it in one way or the other. Millions of transactions are done online thanks to technology. There are a lot of success stories of businesses that grew due to advancement in technology and hundreds of success stories are in the pipeline. E-commerce has its own challenges also and many businesses miserably failed that did not meet the challenges. E-commerce software like zero up has made the life of e-commerce business owners very easy. It works efficiently like an active salesman. Working online and fulfilling orders is a laborious task and it becomes very tedious if you have to do it manually.

Fred Lam zero up v2 is a great ecommerce tool that has made the life of ecommerce business owners very easy. Here are some of the salient features of Fred Lam zero up 2 software:

1. Dysfunctional distribution channels: Our traditional distribution models fail to provide the flexibility that an E-commerce business requires to run and survive the changing business environment. One of the aspects outdated distribution models don’t have is technological integration. Successful businesses have their tasks integrated that gives a sort of one window operation to the potential buyers.  Zero Up 2.0, the new software for Shopify automation, is a feature rich tool and has the ability to incorporate email integration and social media integration in its state of the art design.

2. Flawless E-commerce processes: Sustainable sales are majorly determined by how efficient the processes are – how seamless the ordering and order fulfillment process is. Inefficiencies create stagnation of the retail process and cause frustration to customers. Zero Up 2.0 champions automation to eliminate any inefficiency in the E-commerce tasks. With the software, you are able to realize more sales as the processes run smoothly without interruption by human errors.

3. Lack of quality leads generation: Online retailers spend a significant portion of their budget to drive traffic to their E-commerce sites. However, unless they are first able to know how to follow high-potential leads, this investment in traffic may go down the drain. A business needs to use technologies and configurations that increase conversion rates, such as the use of data analytics and sales funnels.

4. Lack of effective ways of retaining customers: Research has shown that attracting new customers is around 6 times more expensive than retaining the existing ones. What tactics can an E-commerce business owner use to retain customers?

The Zero Up 2.0 training contains the advice of E-commerce leaders such as Fred Lam and Robert Toru Kiwosaki regarding E-commerce business tactics such as customer retention, generating traffic, leveraging social media for more sales, etc.

You should not miss out the Zero Up 2.0 launch because it is loaded with the much needed solutions to these and other challenges of E-commerce. Check out the dates for the events leading to the launch. The Zero Up 2.0 cart closes on 23rd October, 2017.