Whether it’s a woman wedding ring or a man wedding ring, choosing a wedding band is always difficult. Symbol of eternal love, the wedding rings have been exchanged for centuries by married couples to mark their union forever. In yellow or pink white gold, whether or not set with diamonds or precious stones, choosing wedding rings can be difficult for future brides, between tradition and new customs, here are our tips to help you find the wedding rings that you match.

Choose your alloy

The color of the wedding ring is often the element on which brides and grooms get along most easily and if you are a bride or groom & looking for the latest styles of rings visit Midwest Jewellery. It is indeed a rather subjective criterion that depends on the preferences of each and every one.

Traditionally, a male or female wedding ring was made of white gold or yellow gold. Today, pink gold is increasingly worked in modern jewelry, as well as black gold, platinum or gold.

The pink gold seduces more and more women for a delicate and feminine alliance when the black gold or the platinum is appreciated by the men, for their more masculine aspect.

Of course, you have to choose according to your tastes, but you must also take into account your complexion: the yellow gold will tend to sublimate even more the dull skins, the pink gold the skins clearer, and the White gold is a safe bet that suits everyone!

And if the choice is too difficult, the two-color ring or 3 gold’s remains a good compromise!

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  • 3 forms, between comfort and aesthetics
  • Trio wedding rings

There are 3 forms in marriage alliance. The trio ring, which is all round and elegant, with its domed interior. The half-ring, flat on the inside and curved on the outside, is the reference in the alliance. And finally, the ribbon, which is flat on the inside as well as on the outside, offers a more modern rendering.

A wedding ring set or any gold?

For people who appreciate simplicity, a beautifully polished alliance with an engraving on the inside will be ideal. For a more feminine touch on the bride’s ring, you can crimp your ring of stones: then check the quality of the stones, their meaning, to choose a wedding alliance that corresponds to your desires and your way of life.

It is also less and less rare to see a man wedding alliance set with diamonds. With only one or two stones or black diamonds, it adds a touch of modernity and originality.

You cannot decide? The microsicelage allows creating patterns that give sparkle to your alliance, without even having a stone, to find for example on our alliance model set down!

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  • A wedding ring that looks like you
  • Duo wedding rings

If the purely aesthetic aspect plays a lot, other elements come into account to choose your wedding alliance. You can, for example, match it to your partner’s: it can be identical, or have a reminder of shape and color, to form two unique but complementary jewelry.

For a wedding band, you can also match the wedding ring to the engagement ring: same alloy, same pattern, or even stone, to create a set. Conversely, you can opt for a completely different jewel, and alternate the wearing of both rings.

Finally, there is the question of engraving: traditionally, alliances are engraved with the date of marriage, sometimes with both names also. Free to follow the tradition or to choose a ring without engraving. You can also choose a phrase, a quote, words that are dear to your couple, to make it a completely personal gem. In addition, jewelry and jewelry workshops nowadays add symbols, such as hearts or stars, to your engravings.